Learning by doing on real projects

Only film institute in Kerala with own facility


Course duration - 1 year

Our curriculum is designed to make students participate in both the technical and creative demands of shooting films, television shows, music videos and web series. Students study under the Academy’s award-winning faculty of professional cinematographers who not only assist students but also provide insight into the current industry trends and professional realities. Thus students gain extensive experience learning how to overcome the many technical challenges they will encounter at the location. Under direct faculty supervision, students will be given the opportunity to shoot and edit several short projects. Through lectures, discussions, in-class exercises, outside readings, and film viewings they gain an overview of the film production process.


Students will be introduced to the techniques of motion picture, different lights and lighting pattern, latest digital cameras, Lenses, accessories, shooting grips, track dolly, jib, aerial shoot equipments, steadycams. Topics including high-key vs. low-key lighting, bright and dark scenes, indoor day/night, and outdoor day/night will all be explored from both an expressive and practical approach.

SIFA Cinematographer benefits:

  • SIFA’s 1800 square foot shooting floor and chroma floor is equipped with digital cameras and different range of lenses, lights, trolleys, gips and props for Cinematography. This enhances your creative playground for learning the production needs.
  • Our well experienced lighting and camera facilty will train students in actual floor experience with latest tools & techniques right from lighting, capturing the raw footage till the Mastering of the Final Program.
  • Students will be given our in-house student’s diploma film projects and grading sections to explore the possibilities of the DI software.
  • Since we have in-house integrated courses with all departments, students combine to make projects.
  • We train students in actual production environment with the latest camera and lighting till the Mastering of the Final output.
  • Students will get an internship on current live projects, since we have our own production and post-production facility.