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DI - Colour Grading

Course duration - 1 year

SIFA’s students will be trained on a well equiped DI suite with our DaVinci colour grading suite, one of the most powerful world leading grading and finishing software which can master and deliver up to 4k resolution for online, tv or cinema using the high-end hardware solutions. Students will be offered colour grading sessions with the industry standard colourist and faculty where you can grade real-time colour grading for your project.

Colour grading has always been a vital aspect of film and video, it sets the overall theme and tone of a project whether it’s commercial, long form television or a feature film. It’s one of the most demanding creative and technical processes and it requires a solution with flexibility and responsiveness.


Basic editing on DaVinci, Project settings, Data management, EDL conifrmation, Base grading on the raw footage, Opticals on After effects and Nuke, Editing on the timeline, Working with various industry standard plugins and effects, Secondary grading, Colour consistancy matching, Introduction of the grading panel, Panel settings and customising, Hardware setting and cabling, GPU setting and play back on proxy, Lut generation and use of Lut, colour calibration basics, Projector setting and operation, DCP conversion, Ouput setting of different file format, Rendering & Mastering etc.