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About Abaam Magic Frame studios

Abaam Magic Frame studios formerly known as Mega Media Studio commenced its activities as a provider of Film - Post-Production services in 2008 and has emerged as one of the best choice in Kerala. It is located within SIFA. It is a great priviledge for our students to acquire this facility from a full-fledged post-production studio within the academy.

Theory class rooms

SIFA,s state-of-the art interactive video class room technology with projector balances between practical & theory sessions. With our project oriented, industry relevant curriculam, students will benefit from a tried-and -tested combination of formal lectures, practical workshops, competency assignments, guest lectures and creative projects etc.

Guest Lectures from industry experts & eminent media personalities shall be part of the curriculum to upgrade and hone the student's skill sets and understand latest technologies and real producion experience.

Practical Labs

SIFA’s labs are equipped with hi-end individual computer workstations providing more practical oriented sessions. This creates a direct-to-job professional rather than making an employability of students.

Our Students are taught by working filmmakers and technical professionals. Exercise films, demonstrations, master classes, workshops, field visits, diploma projects, music video, all form part of your training. produced in SIFA's Group facilities.

Mixing theatre 7.1

SIFA’s 5.1 / 7.1 Dolby Certified mixing theatre, with D command ES control surface, Protools HD Ultimate with Martin Audio 3 way speaker system delivers an optimum sound quality. Studio is equipped with two HDX hardware accelerator engine. It is built to perform 18 DSP processing cores, 768 voices and up to 192 I/O channels.

Learning the principles of surround sound and 5.1/7.1 audio mixing technology is of crucial knowledge for specialists in the audio industry.

HD Dubbing suites

SIFA’s state of the art suites are acoustically designed and configured for dubbing with Digidesign Pro Tools, industry standard Mics and high end pre amplifiers delivering an outstanding sound quality. We offer increased automation, speed and the ability to work simultaneously with unlimited audio tracks.

Recording, Editing, Audio Post Production, Mixing & Mastering, Live Sound Reinforcement, Dubbing, Foley and FX Recording are the jobs accomplished.

Edit suites

Editing is the backbone of a Film. Film Editing is art, techniques and practice of assembling of footage. Our numerous Avid –FCP offline editing suites linked to a Unity shared storage system provides powerful editing and online capabilities across all genres. Our edit system includes advanced motion tracking, secondary colour correction, Sapphire and Boris plug-ins and an industry standard range of tools.

We train students in actual Edit Studios with latest tools & techniques right from capturing the raw footage to the Mastering of the Final Program.

Davinci Resolve

SIFA’s colour grading suite with Davinci Resolve, 2K calibrated projector and DVS Clipster, in conjunction with our Data Lab lives within the colour grading environment ensuring optimum image quality, verified by experienced colourists.

With the latest software additions, Resolve is now the perfect companion to accept most raw file formats and precision colour grading that have made it such a popular choice with our clients.

Flame Premium

SIFA offers a choice of grading platforms with 2K, 4K colour calibrated environments, operated by creative and highly experienced colourists. Our Online Flame grading suite is the only one in Kerala equipped with the latest version of Autodesk Flame Premium which is for high end compositing, online works.

Our Data Lab provides processing for all data-acquisition activities from most of the world leading camera footages and industry standard plug-ins that have made our films uniquely coloured.

Foley/sound design

Our sound design facility has a complete set up of Sound Post Production studio with the most talented Foley Artists, Sound engineers, Sound editors and Sound designers based in Cochin.

We are equipped with variety of microphones to capture and create and match the natural sound to the film visuals. We have a great collection of props and are constantly extending our library in order to produce a sound that is matching the picture very precisely.


SIFA offers a 24/7 operation that offers quality Library & Data Management services including archival and back up facility to film and broadcast materials, all carried out by a team of experienced operators, trained to deal with all of your requirements. All our servers and equipments are connected to every suite for data management

This includes an archive service to back up rushes and final master to LTO tape which can be retrieved at any time in the future. This provides high security of the data and technical peace of mind.

Shooting floors

SIFA’s 1800 square foot shooting floor and chroma floor is equipped with digital cameras and different range of lenses, lights, trolleys, gips and props for photoshoots and video shoots. This enhances your creative playground for learning the production needs.

Our well experienced lighting and camera facilty will train students in actual floor experience with latest tools & techniques right from lighting, capturing the raw footage till the Mastering of the Final Program.


At our SIFA campus we have 25000 sqft. area including theory and practical class rooms, dubbing suits, foley suite, shooting floor, Library, preview theatre, dining & sitting areas and meeting rooms etc.

Our round the clock facility with hi-end security measures including CCTV, Card entry and security personnels with 24 hour power back up etc ensures uninterrupted studies.

The greatest education in the world is
watching masters at work.

- Michael Jackson