Learning by doing on real projects

Only film institute in Kerala with own facility

Film Direction

Course duration - 1 year

SIFA’s full-fledged Film direction course allows students to explore all our in-house facilities under one roof for the art of film direction.


Students are taught to focus to tell their own story through exploration of concepts of screenwriting, script breakdown and editing aesthetics. Constant script development and analysis exercises, extensive discussions in which students analyse each other's scripts and selecting a script on each genre are part of the course. Also students learn how to visualise a story, scene order, story board their ideas.

Students are exposed to the best of World Cinema, thereby widening their cinematic vocabulary and expanding their horizons and possibilities. They are given in-class exercises dealing with casting, rehearsing and extracting performances etc.

With our theory and practical classes students also acquire a technical understanding of basic cinematography and editing, voice dubbing, Vfx, re-recording, sound designing, sound mixing, colour correction etc.

SIFA helps you in fulfilling your ambition in the process of filmmaking by opening the doors of your life to your dreams.

The SIFA Director benefits:

  • Basic of Cinematography, Different types of Cameras, lenses, introduction to lighting, framing, composition, exposure, Focus, solving on location challenges
  • Strong theoretical base with focus high on practical based and aesthetic standards from the real film industry environment
  • Students can go through from project execution to editing, Dubbing Vfx, Sound design, 5.1 sound mixing, DI-colour correction are done indipendlyuntil the final output.
  • Infrastructure available for complete spectrum of film making in one roof.
  • Since we have all in-house integrated cources with all department students combine to make projects.
  • Students will get on current live projects since we have own production and post production and also we are well conneced to the industry
  • Students can take their diploma film as their demo reel