Learning by doing on real projects

Only film institute in Kerala with own facility

Film and Video Editing:

Course duration - 1 year

Film and Video Editing is now popular career option, this is a key role in the post-production process. Editing is a backbone of a film and it is an art of storytelling. Editors have now become part of the shooting team even on on location. As editing involves the selection and combining of shots into sequences, and ultimately creating a finished picture. We train students direct to the real project so they start learn to the end result.


Introduction to Editing, Film and Video Format, Theory of Editing, Script Analysis, Editing Terminology, Visual Literacy, Narrative Structure, Editing on Different Genres, Dialogue Exercises, Action Sequences, Montage: Styles of Cutting, Continuity Parameters, Visualization, Editing Sound, Music Editing, Multitrack Editing, Cutting on Beat off Beat, Basic Visual FX, Editing News


Basic Photoshop & Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer etc.

The SIFA students benefit:

  • No previous knowledge required, however being computer savvy would be an added advantage
  • Short-term intensive hands on course that covers all aspects of editing in detail
  • Strong theoretical base with focus on high cinematic standards and aesthetic standards
  • Infrastructure available for in house shoots
  • Basic and Advanced editing formats for feature films, serials, music videos, ad films, documentaries and corporate films
  • New-age styles of editing and in house professional Non-linear editing set ups (FCP, Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects)
  • Editing practice will be given on rushes of released feature films
  • Unlimited practical time with prior booking
  • Editing curriculum devised to adapt to any media
  • Students can take their edits as their demo reel