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Screenplay Writing:

Course duration - 4 Months

SIFA students will learn screenwriting, including character creation, dialogue writing, scene construction, story editing, documentary writing, short format writing, commercials, broadcast news, factual entertainment and new media writing. They will develop an understanding of the script as the backbone of any creative piece of work and how apt writing fits perfectly into the production and editing process.

Renowned script writers from the industry will take extensive in-class theory and practical exercises that will develop the students to hone their creative intelligence further making them efficient at the craft.

Students are exposed to the best of World Cinema, thereby widening their cinematic vocabulary, expanding their horizons and possibilities


Story Structure, Setting characters and conflict, Industry standard screenplay format, Thinking in Visuals Instead of Words, Anatomy of a scene, Breaking a scene into shots, Analysis of scenes from world cinema, Basics of continuity editing, Basics of montage, Evolution of cinema, Realism and neorealism in cinema, Introduction of script writing, Basic structure of script writing, Ideation, Imagination, One liner script or Synopsis, Development of story, Research & Story development, Presentation, Story narration, Characterization, Creative aspects of dialogues etc.