Learning by doing on real projects

Only film institute in Kerala with own facility

Visual Effects - VFX

Course duration - 1 year

SIFA,s Visual Effects courses are designed to create industry standard professionals for the VFX industry. Students will be trained for sophisticated film visual effects with in-depth instruction from the VFX head.

At SIFA we provide professional facilities and state-of-the-art equipment so that our students gain hands-on experience with industry standard software which includes Photoshop, After effects, Mocha, Foundryís Nuke and editing program.


Introduction of Photoshop, Color Correction, Digital Painting, Matte Painting, Production Pipeline, Clean-Up, Text Layer and Animation, Masking and Rotoscoping, Motion Graphics, Keying, Color Correction, Wire Removal, Tracking & Stabilising, 3d Layers & Particles, Creative effects on Footages, Multi Level Keying, 3d to 2d Track, Camera Projection, Advanced 3D tracking, Multilayer Compositing, Planar Tracking 4-Point and Offset Tracking, Time Controls and Stereoscopic Workflow.

The SIFA Vfx Artist benefits:

  • The SIFA VFX artist will acquire hands on training on real film projects at our vfx studio with the supervision of the VFX head.
  • Strong theoretical base with focus high on practical base and aesthetic standards from the real film industry environment.
  • Since we have all in-house integrated courses with all departments, students combine to make projects and get knowledge of all aspects of video production and post-production.
  • Once the students have finished their practical classes, SIFA offers structured opportunities for the students to observe and participate in real shooting location and at our work place.
  • Our project oriented curriculum ensures that you have a high-quality demo-reel at the end of the course.