A full-fledged Film Academy from two
leading production & a post-production house

About SIFA

South Indian Film Academy is strategically situated in the heart of Cochin. As our tagline implies learn film making from the biggest film post production studio in Kerala where you can fast track your career and follow your passions, putting your dream into practice in the entertainment industry.

Abaam Magic frames film studios has over a decade of experience in film post production in south India. It has been a trendsetter immersed in their course of study from day one. In an inspiring and high energy environment, you will be mentored by practicing industry professionals. You will gain real film industry experience by learning to transform your creativity into practical skills.Apart from world class facilities and modern infrastructure our one year programme offers facilities like workshop and production spaces, green screen rooms, film sets, screening rooms, labs and much more.

How do we differ...

SIFA ensures Comprehensive training, Individual practical sessions, Live projects, Innovative teaching methodologies, Interactive Sessions, State-of-the Art studio labs, Balance between practical & theory sessions. Students will benefit from an international practical currriculum, guest lectures and creative projects.

We at SIFA are committed to deliver more practical oriented courses to our students and achieve their goal through our dedicated and trained workforce with an international curriculum.

With our 25 years of expertise in the field we can provide career guidance support and networking opportunities locally and internationally even after graduation.

Our full time in-house Industry acclaimed faculty and visiting lecturers around India and abroad will give you student-lecturer face time better than any other film school.

Learning by working on real projects...

We realised a lack of trained professionals from the local market, even though there are many institutions here.This gave rise to an inevitable idea of a film academy with the strong backing of our post production studio.

The campus is located inside Abaam Magic Frame studio facility, a nerve centre of the Kerala film industry where key figures work.

We have created an exciting learning environment with projectors and interactive video class room technology that enables students to learn pre-shot content processing into the complex projects.

Selected students are allowed to work on our real projects and will also earn stipend on per job basis.

Governing Council

Abraham Mathew


Listin Stephen


P Sukumar


Manoj K Jayan


Bobby Sanjay




Aneesh Upasana


The greatest education in the world is
watching masters at work.

- Michael Jackson